Wilson Strategic

Who We Are

Wilson Strategic is focused on building bridges.  Not the kind that require civil engineers – but the kind that require civic entrepreneurs.

We create convenings, content, and conversations that build community.  We believe deeply in the power of our republican democracy, of institutions like the press and the role of citizen representatives.  We also think those ideas are under siege by a way of thinking, an approach to politics that is broken, misguided, and sad.

Our purpose is to help change our politics, to help foster better policy discussions, and to rejuvenate our sense of community.

We do this work through three brands, with three distinct areas of work, separated by cultural and administrative firewalls.

Wilson Strategic is the holding company for our media properties.  Launched in 2004, Wilson Strategic was one of the most prominent strategy firms for the health care and human sectors in the Pacific Northwest.  Now, our energies are primarily devoted to the media enterprise outlined below.

State of Reform began in 2010 and is one of the largest conveners and independent news outlets for state health policy in the nation.  State of Reform covers news and convenes conferences in Washington State, Oregon, California, Texas, Hawaii and Alaska.

Washington State Wire is one the most prominent non-partisan, policy agnostic news outlets in Washington State covering state politics, legislative affairs, and policy discussions.  The Wire joined the Wilson Strategic portfolio in 2016.

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