Our Culture

We take our work personally.

If we are going to devote our time and energy to a client, we need to believe in their cause.  We need to believe they are doing good in the world.  Our job is to help them do that good, better.

Here you’re part of a small team that will rely on you to contribute, to participate, and to innovate.  We learn from failures.  We push to be more creative.  And, we keep our eyes set on the strategic goal.


Family comes first.

Do you have a doctor’s appointment for a little one?  Just let us know.  Want to take a few days off to hang with the family?  No questions asked. You’ll find no micromanaging at Wilson Strategic.

Rather, we trust that you know how to manage your time and that you know the important role you play on our team.  But the role you play in your family is more important.  We’ll challenge you to do your best work, to play to your strengths, and make sure that you make time for what matters most.