DJ Wilson


MA, Johns Hopkins University

BA, Gonzaga University


DJ has spent over 15 years in politics & public affairs. He has worked for two US Senators & a US Representative, and has sat on the boards of some of the leading progressive non-profit organizations in the northwest.

Since 2004, when DJ launched WSC, he has been involved in some of the most interesting and challenging health care challenges in the state.

During federal reform efforts, he represented 2% of the doctors in the country in 5 states, and won substantive changes in the final bill to support his clients. DJ has been involved in launching the first new health plan in the state – and in spurring the first public hearings by the OIC of a plan in Washington, as well. He’s worked with many of the largest physician organizations, and some of the most esteemed hospitals in the state.

In 2010, DJ launched the State of Reform Health Policy Conference, now the largest non-partisan health care event in the state. It’s also held now annually in Seattle, Spokane, Anchorage and Portland.

DJ has appeared as an analyst on C-SPAN, KING5 and TVW. He has published two books on state level health care policy, including the recent title “Dear Governor: About the State of Reform.”

He’s taught politics at the University of Washington Jackson School of International Affairs, as well as economics and political science courses at various community colleges in the region. He is married with two small children.

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